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NederlandsDutch people are smoking massively healthier (de Essensie 152 - February 2010) Nederland gaat massaal gezonder roken
NederlandsAll revenue lights on green Alle omzet lichten op groen
DeutschGreengo: Ein Neuer ist in der Stadt (Augustus 2012) Greengo: Ein Neuer ist in der Stadt

EnglishThe Smokers Guide: Tobacco Alternatives - Greengo

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EnglishThe making of: Greengo ECO Grinders & Rolling Tray

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NederlandsPress release Greengo - 11 March 2010

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NederlandsArticle Algemeen Dagblad  - 26-1-2010

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NederlandsInterview on Radio 1  - 26-1-2010

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Research composition Greengo

Research van Landewijck Service Laboratoire,
d.d. 18-11-2008.
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Greengo in het Algemeen Dagblad

The Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority, which also oversees the smoking ban, tested herbal cigarettes three years ago. The conclusion of these orginally intended products for stoppers is that they do not fall under the Tobacco law. Because of that people can smoke herbal cigarettes on places where there is a smoking ban.
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