Humidifying Stones




Greengo Humidifying Stone

This unique stone is ideal for preventing your Greengo or tobacco from drying out. Just drip some water (2-3 drops) on the stone and put it in your Greengo package. Your Greengo will stay moisturised for a long time.

Display Greengo Humidifying Stones
These unique stones are perfect to prevent your Greengo from drying!
Let the stone absorb 2-3 drops of water and add it to your pouch. Your Greengo will not dry.

- Display: 48 pieces.
- 1 stone has a diameter of 30mm.

European product

The Greengo Humidifying Stones are produced by Desert Tree, an eco-friendly, European business. The production of these stones fits the philosophy behind Greengo: tobacco stones are manufactured with the least possible impact on people and environment.Moreover, it is a durable, reusable product that lasts for many years.

Greengo hydrostone

  • The perfect solution to moisturize your rolling tobacco or Greengo;
  • Is composed from different kinds of clay, which ensures a correct absorption and release of moisture.;
  • Is a 100% natural and additive-free product;
  • Is produced with only food-grade raw materials;
  • Is reusable for a very long time;
  • Will, as opposed to use of potato peel, orange peel or damp cloth, not cause fungi.


30 mm Display rolling paper
30 mm 48 pieces    


FSC Recycled paper 100% unbleached Chemical free