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Greengo is the first smokers brand to present an Augmented Reality App. The App is designed to give an extra dimension to the use of Greengo products.

The free App is now available on iOS and Android devices.

The Greengo Augmented Reality App gives Greengo fans the opportunity to explore the Greengo world. After downloading and installing the App you will be able to step into the Greengo world with just one press on the Greengo icon. To start the real magic you need to give the app access to your camera and you need a Greengo logo near you as well. Focus on a Greengo logo with your camera and the Greengo logo will come to life. Turn on the speakers of your phone for an extra experience.

The Greengo Augmented Reality App gives you access to all Greengo social media channels. Here you will find all the information about Greengo and also you can post about your experience of the Greengo App.

Your most natural smokers brand.

Go Green, Go Greengo!


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